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Gryffindor House Pride


by Hello i’m Wild !


Second Edition Book Shop located in Davie, Florida. It’s absolutely beautiful.

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no put can we please talk about what clothing the marauders wear they graduated in 1978 people this is important

remus’s clothing never deviates from tight black jeans and cardigans and button-downs with horrific patterns (flowers and paisleys and other shirts with vaguely hippie-dippy patterns that cause people to give him weird looks) and he looks pathetically mismatched all the time

james is always in t-shirts whether they’re of muggle bands that lily plays records of (he loves the sex pistols bruce springsteen and the doors) or of quidditch teams he likes or from local businesses that give away shirts for free (he has more honeydukes shirts than he can count) he’s also always in jeans and converse and a hoodie

sirius likes the teddy boy era a ton and wears leather and drainpipe trousers and combat boots and thinks he’s a badass but he’s actually a dweeb who is just as likely wearing one of remus’s horrific flowered shirts (and on one occasion one of lily’s flowery sundresses) or bell-bottoms or daisies in his hair (he thinks the american wizards have really got it going on)

peter’s mother buys his clothes for him and therefore he always looks like he stepped out of 1957- polos and khakis or slacks (never jeans) and madras and cute sweaters and loafers and his hair is always styled just right and he’s very adorable and definitely the best dressed out of the four



i upload james solo too because he looks hella fine.


Cemetery Daisies


relationship status: slept with laundry I was too lazy to fold


by torne (where’s my lens cap?)

i need to get out of this house asap. it’s such a toxic environment for me to be living in. dlfhjdklfhdz